WiSH fonden


In 2013 we met The Feel Good Way, which is a project that helps to create joy in people with special needs. The project is about creating development and creating a place where people with disabilities can get out and let go, move and dance as best as they can.

Excerpt from The Feel Good Way website:

“The Feel Good Way ™ is dance, joy and movement for people with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities.”  Read more


Early in 2012 the SEIMEI Fund donated to 3 charities in Denmark. These 3 were specially selected by the SEIMEI funds where Helena Christensen is president. Our choice of these three besides being high on SEIMEI’S WISH page, where that they affected three very different areas all offering help to kids in Denmark.

Music Life on Nørrebro Denmark is a voluntary music school where young people can come between 08:00 and 22:00 each day and get lessons in how to play instruments, singing, rapping, DJ’ing and much more. They create a place where children and young people with different backgrounds can come together and be united in creating something together.

Excerpt from Music Life website:

“Our vision in working with Music Life is to contribute positively to the local areas and that together with the youth and volunteers we can create some exciting musical projects that have value for those that are involved.” Read more

Girl Talk is a service for young girls, where they both online and over the phone can get in contact with adult women who offer them help and support with the problems they may have. They create a forum where young women can talk and get help with the things they may not feel they can say to others.

Excerpt from Girl Talk’s website:

“GirlTalk.dk wants to promote the well-being and courage among young girls in Denmark, and see young girls take responsibility for themselves and each other and choose good role models, healthy values and a meaningful life.” Read more

Hjerneskadet.dk is a website for families affected by brain injury. It is a forum where anyone can download, support, help and learn by experience from others who are in the same situation. In collaboration with the center for brain injury they are trying to create security and increase the well-being of brain injury affected families.

Excerpts from hjerneskadets website:

“Hjerneskadet.dk’s overall objective is to increase the well-being and confidence of people who are directly or indirectly affected by an acquired brain injury, so they can better handle the situation – in contact with the system, at work and at home.” Read more