Quality organic food with a honest consideration

Organic Cold Pressed & Cold Filled Juice

  • We use organic fresh gluten free whole grain and 100% organic berries all year round. We aim to be 100% organic. It is not possible to source local organic ingredients all year round (e.g. apples), so our juice is therefore only partially
    organic in out-of-season periods, yet always
    local food.


  • Products developed and manufactured at our local Lolland facility mainly contains local Danish


  • We use all of our ingredients. Our pulp from juicing we bake og dry into a whole grain snack or cereal.

    No food waste

  • We use solar energy to minimize our carbon footprint.

    Solar energy

  • Charity work with the heart as sender. For every bottle sold, a donation is made to charity.


  • We do not use exotic combinations. Our berries and fruits are sourced from local Danish suppliers. That is why all our raw ingredients are 100% Danish (with the exception of ginger, which do not grow in Denmark).

    Local danish ingredients

  • The products contribute to increased public
    health and aim to maintain the highest possible
    nutritional value.


  • We develop intelligent solutions for future food production and waste management.


  • It is important for WiSH by Seimei to focus on the social responsibility to the community.