Quality organic food with an honest consideration

Organic Cold Pressed & Cold Filled Juice

  • We only use organic berries, fruits, veggies and fresh gluten free whole grain oat all year round


  • Products developed and manufactured at our local Lolland facility focus on local Danish ingredients. We want to be a part of solutions. E.g. developing the area, where we have placed our factory, by investing in production as well as employing refugees as well as people with disabilities.


  • We aim to use all of our ingredients and eliminate food waste. E.g. we turn our apple pulp from juicing into a healthy whole grain snack/cereal replacing unhealthy potato chips

    No food waste

  • We primarily use solar power and wind energy to neutralize our carbon footprint. We have also invested in a solar power company

    Solar energy

  • Charity work with the heart as sender. For every bottle sold, a donation is made to charity. You can and you should make a donation.

    Make a WiSH right now ❤


  • We primarily source local fruit, berries and veggies from local Danish suppliers. It is our goal to stay neutral with our CO2 foot print e.g. by using local ingredients

    Local danish ingredients

  • The products contribute to increased public health and aim to maintain the highest possible nutritional value e.g. fighting obesity and diabetes


  • We focus on and develop intelligent solutions for future food production and waste management


  • It is important for WiSH by SEiMEi to focus on the social responsibility to the community. We are a truly 360 degree CSR company