The History of SEiMEi

Basic Concept and Objective

Organic Food with an honest consideration

The concept behind SEiMEi started from the idea that we wanted to make a difference. Based on the development and production of unique foods SEiMEi wish, through its fund to support charitable purposes. We use our products as a medium to convey this information so our consumers are made aware that they are helping to make a difference and support a good cause when purchasing one of SEiMEi’s products.

SEiMEi’s products are developed and manufactured in-house. Behind this is the entrepreneur company Planteriet on Lolland, where the products were originally developed. Good things attract each other, and the thoughts of Planteriet and SEiMEi are in harmony, we are now pleased to present the best of both worlds, under the brand SEiMEi WiSH.

SEiMEi means life vitality. A name commits and we provide value via the company’s cornerstone. 100% charity and organic food with honest consideration.

Honest thoughtfulness for us, is drinking and eating products that we can eat again and again, with a clear conscience. They must be fresh, and it must make sense to drink or eat them. They taste good, and they have to be something new. An alternative to the many products available in the milk and juices/smoothies products, but they must have their own profile. They have been given that with WiSH by SEiMEi.

Sustainability is essential. We wish for products made from primarily organic Nordic ingredients. We aim to stay CO2 neutral.

As this wasn’t on the market, we decided to make them! We hope that our wants and needs also a hit with you – and hereby invite you to become a part of SEiMEi’s Universe

We dream of giving the world even more joy and health, by getting the very best out of nature’s own ingredients.

We dream of the day when WiSH by SEiMEi has left its mark everywhere in the world – with a focus on

processing local organic fruits, vegetables and wholegrain oat for healthy and nutritious food and where the SEiMEi Foundation helps a lot of people and make a difference through their donations.

Helena Christensen is part of the SEiMEi Foundation and is also SEiMEi’s Creative Director and model in the campaign images and more.

The concept

In SEiMEi we are very aware of the content of our concept and our products. All decisions are made with a focus on reflection and care. Our customers are offered the best, that’s why we produce lighter products in terms of calories. Fresh products in terms of regular slow juicing organic fruit and berries. Our freshly grinded Danish organic, gluten free whole grain oat is natural and free from any additives at all. In short, new innovative products – in terms of content and our manufacturing method – an even healthier and fresher CSR concept.

SEiMEi’s concept covers the entire value chain. We have partnerships with selected raw materials suppliers. We have our own development and production facilities and own logistics to ensure that the finished products get out to the consumers right after being bottled. We have a short way from idea to action, and we can swiftly adjust production and range according to what the consumer and customers wants.

We have a dream of being face to face with the consumers where all the exiting news will be presented, but also developed in collaboration with our most valued partners – the consumers and our valued customers.

We want to create visibility for the entire SEiMEi Universe. A visibility combined with unique recipes and products can be replicated out into to the world for the benefit of consumers and charity. We have so much to give, and we are ready to share.


In collaboration with high-profile personalities like Helena Christensen the SEiMEi Foundation does charity work with the ❤️ as the messenger.


SEiMEi is an innovative, quality conscious and socially responsible business that creates healthy, fresh and tasty food in the world.


SEiMEi’s vision is to move people and opinions by being a practical and exemplary example of sustainable production with optimum resource utilization.



Det er ikke bare et slogan for os

– det er i vores DNA.

Ved at tilmelde dig vores nyhedsbrev, kan du følge SEiMEi.

En lokal virksomhed, der bestræber sig på at være en anerkendt spiller med en positiv rolle i samfundet.


Tjek venligst din indbakke. Du kan nu lukke dette vindue.