How we work


We push the boundaries of the development of natural foods – now and in the future.

New combinations

No additives

No wastage and always quality raw materials

Commodity Combination and manufacturing method is patented

PRODUCTION of whole grain smoothies

Always freshly juiced fruit and berries

Daily freshly prepared whole grain oat drink that ensures low calories in the finished products and a drink with satiating properties.

The shelf life is 21 days refrigerated at maximum 5º C.

Gentle flash pasteurization

Care and caution are key elements in our production.


Whole grains provide the body with good energy, satiating and beneficial dietary fibres, oils from the seed germ, protein, minerals and vitamins.

One whole grain drink 250 ml contains 10 % of the daily recommended intake of whole grains. Approximately 30% of the dry matter of a beverage comes from whole grain oats.

Apples and berries provide the body with good energy and lots of natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

One whole grain drink 250 ml contains juice of approx. 2 apples and juice of different berries in total juice in total 135-145 g in one drink.

Our raw materials originate from Denmark or primarily the EU


If possible Danish whole fruit and grain.

From growers, having their heart at the right place and a passion for:

  • Manufacturing with care
  • Natural flavour
  • Responsibility



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