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WE WANT TO GIVE ALL CHILDREN A BRIGHTER AND MORE SAFE FUTURE WITH ENGLISH KNOWLEDGE – INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. RM Caring is an organization who is providing students from Scandinavia a learningfull internship. The students will contribute with knowledge, support, caring and new point of views. This organization was started in Denmark 2020 by Mathias Roemer Jensen and Rikke Boennelykke Christensen. We have a bachelor’s degree in social education and have work experience in different specialties. We went to Bali Indonesia in 2019 as interns from VIA University College, where we experienced a lot as social workers during our six months there. The internship was in an orphanage, where we saw, experienced and learned a lot of differences between our cultures and working methods. During the internship we teamed up with an organization in Bali. Through a lot of talks back and forth, an exciting opportunity emerged in Sumba. Teaching English and giving the kids care and support. That’s why we have internships both in Bali and Sumba to give most children the English knowledge. One of us is currently already in Indonesia and working with kids. We already provide them social activities, food boxes and help with their health. We are looking for a support of 60.000 kroner. Why is English teaching relevant in Sumba and Bali? In our experience we learned and gained more knowledge about what these children need. They have a dream to go abroad and study international. But they don’t have the money to learn English, they can’t afford this. Therefor we took the TEFL certificate, where we can guide, teach and support the people who wants to learn English as a foreign language. This can be the skill of communicating, having an interview, being confident in the English language and more. So, we want to provide English classes for the children. Teaching English as a foreign language is a way to introduce English to young students. While children may not have an understanding of why it is important to learn a second language, there are many reasons that answer the question, “Why teach English to young learners?” For instance, creating a fun and positive learning environment can equip kids with a strong foundation for success in more advanced courses later in their academic careers. That’s why we make sure to give the local in Indonesia free English teaching. We want them to get more knowledge about the language and to give them more courage to communicate in English. One of the most important aspects of teaching English to young learners is creating an enjoyable and creative learning atmosphere. To most children, learning English is just another activity in their average day. Though it will take time for them to understand the future impact of what they are learning, the basic skills that these kids learn will prepare them for more advanced language courses. Throughout the lessons the teaching material can include music, drama, art and most important play. We believe that kids learn best trough play. So here we have materials that can be used in different kinds of activities. In Bali there is arriving many tourists every year and the income is supported by the tourist therefor we know that English is a necessary tool to achieve. By have the English skills we also give the kids a safer future, with more international opportunities. In Sumba you don’t have as many tourists like in Bali. Sumba is an island with almost local people, and they don’t have the knowledge about teaching English. Therefor there is many people arriving from Sumba to Bali, because they want to find a job, but it’s difficult without the English knowledge. The high school in Sumba reached out to us, because they need help to give the kids classes in English. They are looking for people who are motived, inspiring, talented and who wants to help teach the kids. This is a way to help the generation to achieve more knowledge and can communicate with people all around the world. In this way we can give them a change to go abroad and study, work and achieve their dream. RM Caring wants to give the children a possibility to learn English by the interns and ourselves. We have out TEFL certificate and are therefor prepared to teach English as a foreign language. In this way we are an organization that takes students to give them an experience and opportunity to come and help the children, but in the other hand we also want to provide these children a lot of care by ourselves. We hope that you want to support these children and make their future brighter. This help will mostly go to our project in Sumba, where we need to get all the materials for the classes. Please go look at our website as well… Thank you. We are looking for a support of 60.000 kroner. Thank you! Mathias Jensen & Rikke Christensen

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